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ANZ IT M&A Pulse: A $177.2 Billion Market Opportunity and M&A Activity Trends in 2024 and Beyond


Uncover the latest insights and strategic growth opportunities in the dynamic Information Technology services and software landscape of the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region. This comprehensive research report explores key trends, market valuations, and revenue analyses of top-tier publicly listed companies, while also chronicling the digital evolution driven by government initiatives. The report positions ANZ as a pivotal hub for global investment and a crucible for digital transformation.

The research report includes an M&A section that provides an in-depth analysis of transaction volumes and trends, offering a detailed examination of the strategic forces shaping M&A activities within the region.

Key Highlights of the Report:

  • M&A Deal Activity by Buyer Type: Breakdown of transactions involving industry-specific buyers, digital agencies, IT services firms, and private equity investors
  • M&A Deal Activity by Target’s Employee Size: Analysis of deal trends across different company sizes, revealing strategic preferences
  • M&A Activity by Target’s Industry Focus: Insights into industry-specific M&A activities, highlighting sectors like healthcare, fintech, and more
  • M&A Deal Activity by Rationale: Exploration of strategic motives behind acquisitions, from market expansion to technological integration
  • M&A Deal Activity by Country: Comparative analysis of M&A trends across Australia and New Zealand, focusing on growing competitiveness in the region

Why Download This Report?

Gain a competitive edge with detailed insights into the trends and strategies shaping the future of software and services in the ANZ region. Understand the market impact of strategic mergers, acquisitions, and private equity investments to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.

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