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Iberia – The New Digital Hub: The Market, The Nearshore Opportunity and M&A Activity in 2023


Uncovering growth sectors, nearshoring advantages, and M&A trends in 2023 with Technology Holdings’ strategic insights 

The research report offers a strategic analysis of the technology and IT services sectors in Iberia. It assesses the macroeconomic position of the region, spotlighting both Spain and Portugal as leading nearshore delivery hubs in Europe. This research report expands its scrutiny to critical growth sectors such as FinTech, Data & Analytics, E-commerce & Retail, and Healthcare & Life Sciences, highlighting investment patterns and sector dynamics in Spain, the major economy in the region. 

Key Highlights of the Report:

  • Growth Sectors: FinTech, Data & Analytics, E-commerce & Retail, Healthcare & Life Sciences 
  • Investor Friendly Framework: ‘Digital Spain 2025’ and other Government initiatives fostering a conducive investment climate 
  • Nearshore Advantage for Spain and Portugal 
  • M&A Trends: Transaction Volumes, Sector Dynamics, and Strategic Drivers 

Our report goes beyond the trends. We analyse the M&A, Private Equity deal activity in 2023 in the region, unveiling the rationale for these acquisitions. 

Why Download This Report?

Get the edge with our exclusive Iberia Tech and IT services sector report. Stay ahead with insights into industry shifts, strategic innovations, and the latest M&A and Private Equity trends shaping the region’s future.

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