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Telecom Innovation: The Software and Tech Services Shaping the Future of Telcos


A Comprehensive Analysis of Key Trends and M&A Deal Activity in 2023 

The research report presents a comprehensive overview of the sector’s dynamics and the transformative role of software and IT services in telecommunications. As the Mobile World Congress unfolds, our analysis goes beyond the current trends and innovations, providing a focused review of M&A activity over the past three years.

Our exploration uncovers how strategic acquisitions and partnerships are redefining the telecom landscape, offering insights into market drivers, challenges and potential opportunities for software and tech services companies.

Key Highlights of the Report:

  • Insightful analysis of current trends and innovations that are dictating the pace and direction of telecom as a sector 
  • A spotlight on the rise of AI, ML, and automation as drivers of empowerment and self-service in the telecom arena 
  • An in-depth examination of M&A activities over the past three years, revealing the strategic moves shaping the industry

Why Download This Report?

Secure a competitive advantage with detailed insights into the trends and strategies that will define the future of telecommunications companies. Get an understanding of the market impact of strategic mergers, acquisitions and private equity investments.

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