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The Road Ahead for Salesforce partners : A Q3 2023 Update


Salesforce’s strategic roadmap, emerging trends in the Salesforce ecosystem and a 2023 M&A review

This report aims to capture market trends and product innovations within the Salesforce ecosystem. It will also provide a summary of Salesforce partner M&A activity over the past two years. Additionally, it focuses on understanding critical trends that will impact Salesforce partners and clients in 2023 and beyond. This is particularly noteworthy as Salesforce’s cloud platform has experienced significant growth, partly due to its strong symbiotic relationship with a robust partner ecosystem.

Download this exclusive report to gain valuable insights into:

  • Market Trends in the Salesforce Partner Ecosystem: Gain insights into the ever-evolving landscape of Salesforce partnerships
  • Dreamforce 2023 Expectations: Get a glimpse of what to expect at this year’s Dreamforce event
  • Salesforce AI (EinsteinGPT) Review: Dive into the world of Salesforce’s AI Cloud with a comprehensive look at its architecture and real-world customer case studies
  • Salesforce’s Strategic Initiatives: Understand the driving forces behind Salesforce’s adoption among global enterprises
  • Analysis of M&A Activity: Get a detailed review of M&A trends within the Salesforce partner ecosystem
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